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Write the Vision and make it plain

Our vision is firmly rooted in Christ. Our ministry is a prophetic Apostolic faith ministry.

We believe that faith without works is dead. We believe that all prophecy without order

and manifestation is not from God. We have a vision of strength, hope, leadership, strong

teaching and unity based on the church of the Christ, through the Apostles in the book of

Acts. It is vitally evident that in order to sustain the future of the “church” as a whole that

Christ be the center, faith is key and that it (the church) has direction. Direction, strength

and security comes from solid wisdom and understanding of the times, and knowledge of

what to do and how to do it, in this critical and ever growing era. The faith of God must

be obtained. T.C.I is a ministry of vision, strong prophetic teaching, reaching, and faith

and we want you to be apart of this ministry and fellowship. Where we teach you to be

triumphant in every area of your life..

We invite you to join us at T.C.I for an intimate relationship in ministry and fellowship.

For, great manifestations of faith and a birthing of new levels of dominion in the Earth. We

are eager to share the spiritual and secular benefits from which we believe you will prosper !!!!