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Lets Begin!!!!

Welcome to the "Voice of Triumph" we have a lot of good things happening such as Our national leadership conference will be the first event at national head quarters, Oh by the way did I tell you that Triumphant Churches has acquired land!!.The elevation that  is  happening in the church, The shift of power in the government, Church fashion (Commandment keeping style) just to name a few.

Finally a new place to have our National conferences. Our prayer last year was that the Lord bless us with our own building, we purchased the land for $56,000 we have $17,000 left and we are believing God that it will be paid off in 12 months of course with your help (Donate here). the  first service will be February 6 in the new building (click here for more information).  The Church dedication service will be announced at a later date and of course we would like everyone to attend.





- What's Going on around Triumphant Churches

- World issues

- Church Fashion

-What about the Children

- New Faces

-My Voice